History of Agriculture

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All You Need to Know Related to Flower Gardening


Flower gardening has grown from a process of selection of the prettiest weeds that grow in a certain region. The process marks the entire history of agriculture with farmers tolerating those weeds that seemed attractive to them. Flowers are known as companion plants as compared to food plants that have a practical side exclusively. Flower gardening became popular in the United States in the 19th century, and little by little it came to define the concept of modern outdoor design.

Flower gardening has presently reached such an extent that there are corporations that pay for professional gardening services to change their garden every season in order to preserve a consistency in the color patterns. Flower gardening requires good knowledge of plant species, soil peculiarities, seeds, watering, fertilization and much more. And in terms of occupation, some people take flower gardening as a hobby why others have made a profession out of it.

Large residences have many flowers and although many are grown indoors, the main display is outdoors. A fertile location with plenty of sunlight is the main condition for flowers to grow and bloom, and when artistically arranged the effect is more than rewarding. Flower gardens sometimes complement herb gardens and ornamental vegetables. Many people enjoy such combinations.

Flowers usually appeal to people in a large number of ways, they improve the mood, they make us feel better at home and they become a source of positive energy. They delight senses and bring peace, harmony and tranquility wherever they grow. For many people who take flower gardening as a hobby, one or two beds are enough to achieve nice aesthetic effects.

Flower gardening makes a great hobby and a noble occupation. Maybe you will not create the most amazing of gardens in a week or a month, but in six months, results will be more than rewarding.

You just need some basic tools, good seeds, fertile soil and plenty of sun. Knowledge comes with experience and if you make mistakes at the beginning, flower gardening will get better with every season. Don't take up this occupation unless you are patient and you feel positive towards nature. Gardening could be a gift you can discover at any point in your life.

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History of Agriculture

The History Of Agriculture

Frequently Asked Questions...

History assessment help - Origins of Agriculture?

I need to disprove the Social Hypothesis proposed by Babara Bender. Does anyone know anything about it and what are the flaws.


This is somewhat complicated. Bender argued that agriculture was dependent on the development of a large and complex social organization and that in societies with more complex forms of political and social organization, those in power created domesticated resource in order to better create food surplus to control people. In this view domestication was INTENTIONAL and developed as a means of political and economic control.

There are numerous critiques of her theory, most of them fairly complicated themselves. One basic criticism is that in order for large complex societies to develop, there must already be a stable food source. Essentially, this argues that she has it backwards - that agriculture developed in numerous places at numerous times, and only where it was very successful did the conditions exist for cities to develop.

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