Importance Of Agriculture In Everyday Life

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The Benefits Of Environmental Problems


Humans have doubtless been altering their local environments since arriving in the scene as a distinct species quite a few hundred thousand years ago. Our debut as main actors on the global stage - actors comparable in influence to the classic roles played by erosion, volcanism, natural selection, and the like- is often a a lot additional recent phenomenon. This dates back at most numerous thousand years, but has accelerated greatly in scope and influence over the last several centuries. According to Crutzen (2002) " We reside right now in what might be known as the "Anthropocene" - a brand new geologic epoch in which human type has emerged as a globally substantial - and potentially intelligent - force capable of reshaping the face of the planet". The Italian geologist Anthonio Stoppani (1873) was describing humanity's actions as a "new telluric force, which in energy and universality could be compared to the better forces of the Earth". Examples are, UN conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, 1992, World summit on Sustainable Development, held in Johannesburg in 2002, etc. The have to have for harnessing science and technology in help of efforts to realize the aim of environmentally sustainable human development within the Anthropocene was usually recognized at the Johannesburg Summit.

The environmental complications that we're currently facing are all man-made; we may possibly not be conscious of it nevertheless it is often a truth that we have ignored since we're too busy with our daily routine that sometimes our lack of awareness have affected the environment. First amongst the environmental challenges that we have to contemplate is the global warming. This is caused by the green home gases which are emitted by our cars, factories and chemicals that trap the heat from the sun creating our surroundings hotter. We should be aware that global warming is also 1 of the factors why we have cyclones and tropical storms that are stronger than what we have previously experienced. Global warming is also gradually rising the sea level by melting the ice caps. Individuals who are not conscious of this will not be alarmed but we are able to already feel the consequence of this Phenomenon.


The unfortunate older, wrong and simplistic definition of environment is that it will be the resource that was produced for human use. It is that mechanical aspect that exists to serve human beings. This definition is unfortunate and incorrect for it explained atmosphere as a thing inanimate; some thing in at that exists solely for human recreation pleasures and needs. The background to this definition contains the anthropological, religious, psychological, economic and philosophical explanations of the origin and nature of the environment. Environment is also defined as the natural in which people, animals and plants live. Uchebu (1998) categorized the environment into physical and non-physical. The physical environment contains land (Terrestrial) Air, Water (Acquatic) environments and non-physical - cultural and socio- economic environment. The atmosphere for this reason functions according to Kankwenda (2001) as:

Environmental complications are concerning the central situation of the twentieth and twenty-first (20th -21st ) centuries. This is simply because the hazards, that are contained in it, are as deep and grave as they're extended lasting in its impact to MAN and also the eco-system itself. According to the "Awake" magazine, mankind is presently sitting on a time-bomb on account of environmental effects either in form of weaponry and/or pollutions and hazards like flooding, drought, soil erosion, deforestation, volcanity, earthquakes, radio-chemical hazards etc.

Second will be the ozone layer degradation, chemicals that are present in a variety of household or cosmetic merchandise like spray net for hair grooming have contributed to the degradation of the ozone layer; exposing us to direct heat of the sun in a level greater than we experienced.

Third is deforestation, the development of nations and cities needs land and constant conversion of real estate. Even though efforts are being taken to strengthen on this situation like the establishment of forest reserves, the rate of recovery from deforestation is slower than the ongoing occurrence of deforestation.

Fifth amongst the environmental troubles that we have to consider is water degradation. Someday water might be far more expensive than petrol. We ought to remember that water is a single of our life support, we put to use to drink water for free. But now if you will notice, bottled water is becoming a necessity plus the price is gradually increasing.

Nigeria as a nation encompasses multiple climate which requires and sraddles various physiographic units. There are many ecological zones ranging from Sahel Savanna, Sudan Savanna and Guinea Savanna through Rain forest to Mangroves and Swamp forests. The Sahelian Savanna is extremely susceptible to desertification; the Sudan Savanna can barely cope with human pressures emanating from rapidly growing populations, fuel woods, harvesting and cattle grazing. The Rain forest belt is under excessive pressure by way of poor regulation and over-exploitation of forest merchandise along with other economic activities that result in clearing of vast region of land. Compounding this, specifically inside the Niger Delta area, will be the huge scale exploration, exploitation and processing actions by the petroleum industry, which have left their influence via crude oil and petroleum item spillages, gas flaring - related problems, land degradation and depletion of farm lands, water pollution and deterioration of vital habitats for fish stock. Occurrence of soil and gully erosion, particularly within the eastern component of Nigeria, flooding in the low lying belt of mangrove and fresh water swamps, and uncontrolled logging with its inherent problems of destruction and loss of bio-diversity have immensely contributed towards further exacerbation of the deteriorating environmental scenario.

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Importance Of Agriculture In Everyday Life

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